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What Others Say

What Others Say

Don’t just take our word for it... review our inspection reports; school guides; award wins, and articles in newspapers & magazines to find out for yourself the excellence at Sandroyd.

Guides and Reviews


Boarding Schools Association

Country Life Schools Guide

Good Schools Guide

Muddy Stilettos

School House

School Notices

The Week Independent Schools Guide

Talk Education

Tatler Schools Guide

Newspapers and Magazines

Absolutely Education: Library rules (page 54)

ATTAIN: Exciting developments at Sandroyd

ATTAIN: Facing Disappointment

COUNTRY CHILD: Sandroyd shortlisted for esteemed TES Independent School Award 2019!

COUNTRY LIFE: A county-by-county schools guide to help you find the right place for your child

Independent School Parent: How to Choose an Independent School

Independent School Parent: Meet the Head

Salisbury Journal: South West heat of the School Chef of the Year

SCHOOLHOUSE: Boarding Prep Schools Back in Fashion 

SPIREFM: South West heat of the School Chef of the Year

TES: Tes Independent School Awards celebrate innovation

Wiltshire Life: Your alumni are your very best ambassadors (page 22)

Recent Awards

Tatler School Awards


  • Finalist: Best Prep School

TES Independent School Awards


  • Shortlisted: Boarding School of the Year


  • Shortlisted: Pre-Prep/Prep School of the Year
  • Shortlisted: Boarding School of the Year
  • Winner: Strategic Education Initiative of the Year 

Independent Schools of the Year


  • Finalist: Independent Boarding School of the Year


  • Highly commended: Independent Prep School of the Year
  • Highly commended: Co-educational Independent School of the Year

The Week


  • Winner: Best for Riding


  • Winner: Best All Rounder

Inspection Reports