Sandroyd School

Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's Welcome

Welcome to Sandroyd Prep, Pre-Prep and Nursery

Like many independent schools, we strive to create a learning environment where happiness and inclusivity are at the forefront, alongside the provision of a broad curriculum that allows every pupil to flourish as an individual.

I appreciate that this vision is by no means unique, but I believe that what makes Sandroyd such an exceptional place to learn is the unwavering commitment from the entire staff community to create this outstanding learning experience. The collective effort of every member of our team creates the magic at Sandroyd and ensures all staff, pupils, prospective pupils, and parents experience a profound sense of teamwork and belonging.

Our collaborative teaching and support staff are fully committed to delivering an education that provides the best preparation for our pupils in a setting that is as nurturing and joyous as it is ambitious, guiding each child to achieve their full potential. This culture is not just written about in our marketing materials, or on these webpages; it is integral to the success of our pupils and is ingrained in everything we do.

We are rightly proud of our pupils' academic success and the accolades they secure at the country's top senior schools, but beyond this, it is how they embody the true essence of a Sandroyd education — one that extends far beyond mere academic achievement — that sees them make a success of life at their next school and beyond.

We hold the values of kindness and a robust moral compass at the heart of our culture, shaping our pupils into inquisitive individuals ready to challenge the conventional, grow in self-assurance, and excel in collaborative endeavours. Our curriculum focuses on nurturing vital life skills such as teamwork, communication, and reflection, and these skills run through all elements of the school.

Located in over 500 acres of fields, woods, and parkland, our setting is breathtaking. Sandroyd offers a haven for sports, outdoor learning, and boundless exploration in a secure setting.

Alice and I would be delighted to show you around so that you can witness firsthand the magical childhood that Sandroyd provides and learn more about the setting in which your children can flourish.

 Alastair Speers


A Brief CV

After graduating with a First Class degree in Engineering, Alastair worked as a consultant engineer for seven years on innovative building projects throughout the world. His teaching passion ignited while mentoring graduate engineers, leading to a teaching qualification from Cambridge. Joining Oakham School in 2006, he swiftly rose to Housemaster and then Senior Housemaster, working with all 16 Hsms across the senior and prep school. He taught across GCSE, A-Level, and the IB and was involved in coaching rugby, cricket, and sailing, as well as organising a number of international expeditions. Alastair holds an MEd in Educational Leadership from Buckingham University, serves as an Independent Schools Inspector. He is a Governor of Witham Hall Prep School, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is a former Magistrate. 

Welcome from Alice Speers

I work alongside Alastair as part of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure we collectively foster a community that makes Sandroyd a happy and fulfilling place for pupils, parents, and our staff.

The role of a Headmaster's wife is vitally important in a boarding community such as ours. Sandroyd is, at its core, a family boarding school. We joined the school in September 2016 with our two young daughters, Hattie and Isla, and have since become part of a wider family that consists of over 200 boys and girls.

As a trained English teacher with over twelve years of experience in teaching and tutoring children, my role as 'Headmaster's Wife' is to offer another person to whom our pupils and parents can talk, alongside the houseparents and the pastoral team. Sandroyd is a wonderfully close-knit community that works together to ensure every child thrives both emotionally and academically.

I am closely involved in the day-to-day running of the school as well as its long-term strategy. I actively participate in staff recruitment and focus on the well-being of the Sandroyd community. Working alongside the admissions and marketing departments, I serve as the school link for the Friends of Sandroyd committee, who organise fundraising and social events for parents. My aim is to ensure that Sandroyd remains a happy and fulfilling environment for pupils, parents, and staff members.