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Daily Timings

Prep School Timings

The Prep School Day is broadly split into academic lessons in the morning with all extra-curricular activities taking place in the afternoon.


7.40am Boarders' breakfast

From 0800 - Day pupils to arrive

8.20am Day Pupils to be in School

08.25 Tutor/Form time

08.35 Period 1

09.30 Period 2

10.25 Break

10.55 Period 3

11.55 Period 4 (Chapel on Weds and Sat)

12.50 Lunch

13.30 Prep

14.00 Junior Games / Senior Lesson

15.10 Senior Games/ Junior Lesson

16.30 Break

16.40 Strive Sessions

17.20 Junior Tea / Senior Prep

18.00 Senior Tea / Junior Prep

Evening routines depending on Boarding Houses


Day pupil collection times

All day children should be collected from the Front Hall.

Year 3: 16.30 from the Front Hall

Year 4: 16.30 in the Autumn & Spring Terms  18.30pm in the Summer Term

Years 5 and 6: 6.30pm

Saturdays: 1600, or after matches finish.


All day children can stay for prep and tea at school.


Saturday School

Saturday School is for all children in Years 4 and above