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Alaska House (Senior Girls')

Alaska Houseparent: Mrs Green

Alaska House is for girls in Years 7 and 8. This house continues to build on the family values that Sandroyd and the other boarding houses are based. The Year 8s are given more freedom, with a later ‘upstairs’ time than the Year 7s and the opportunity to have toast and snacks in the evening.

Senior girls boarders   Senior girls boarding reading

The girls have their own kitchen area with a toaster, microwave, kettle, fridge and dishwasher, as well as a Common Room with a television, DVD player, board games and reading books.  In Year 8, girls could be in either two or three bed dormitories.

The rules in the Senior Wing are adapted to reflect the age group of the children, and to ensure they are absolutely ready for boarding at their senior schools.

We have a fantastic array of support staff who work with us in Alaska House, including our matrons, our Gap Students and the academic staff who are on duty in the evening.

The Senior Wing is great fun, but also a vital stepping stone from prep school to senior school.