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Academic Performance and 'Value Added'

Updated - January 2022

We aim to deliver a balanced education where academic and character development are given equal importance in the curriculum. We use a range of internal and external, qualitative and quantitative, measures to assess the progress of each child and the overall value-added achievement of our pupils. We are very proud of our “value-added” in the classroom. 

What is "Value Added"

Value added is the progress the children make beyond the national average. It measures progress based on the individual (and cohort) instead of just exam results in a school. We are proud to publish our academic value added results. However, this is just one of many performance indicators that we use to monitor our progress and ambitions for each and every child.

Sandroyd’s "Value Added"

Sandroyd uses GL Assessment Progress tests to track pupils' progress in a number of subjects over time. These external tests assess various skills and provide a standard age score (SAS). Nationally, the average score is 100 and is based on age related expectations.

If a pupil achieved an SAS score of 100 and then scored 100 the following year, they will have achieved progress in line with the national average. A horizontal trend line would represent this in the graphs below. However, if the pupil had achieved a score greater than 100, then they would have shown a level of value added. Our bespoke database (Sandfly) analyses all of our pupils’ results on a biannual basis. We aim to significantly exceed progress compared to the national average. Our success is highlighted in the two graphs below, both showing positive trend lines over several years.

Sandroyd's average measured SAS scores by year group, with trend line reflecting the last 6 years of data. (Combined PTE, PTM, NVR, VR)

Sandroyd's current Year 8's range of SAS scores as they have progressed through each year group in the school. (Combined PTE, PTM, NVR, VR). Note the increase in both the lower and higher range scores.

Common Entrance Results

Whilst Senior Schools can monitor academic progress based on GCSE, A-Level and IB results, this is harder to do at Prep Schools as Common Entrance is marked to different grade standards by our range of senior schools. Therefore, unless Sandroyd sends the same number of academic scholars and Common Entrance candidates to the same schools, year on year, it is ineffective to use our exit exams solely to measure the school’s academic success.

However, alongside our CAT Scores and other assessment methods, our CE results can be used to ensure progress is made in the classroom. Our 2021 leavers achieved the following Common Entrance results:

% A* or A % A* to C
English 43% 100%
Maths 52% 100%
French 33% 100%
Biology 43% 100%
Chemistry 9% 87%
Physics 17% 100%
History 27% 91%
Geography 57% 100%
Latin 25% 92%
OVERALL 35% 96%

Scholarship results are separate to these and, like CE, are marked individually by our Senior Schools.

Our academic curriculum aims towards preparing children for Common Entrance and Scholarship exams, not the GL Assessment results. We believe both Common Entrance and Academic Scholarship provide robust ‘high stakes’ exit exams for the Sandroyd children. The knowledge and skills developed in our curriculum prepare children for the challenges required at GCSE and beyond and inspire them to engender a love of learning.    

Academic Levels

The current academic levels in the school are for information only and are not used in any value added calculations.

Sandroyd's average measured SAS scores by current year groups. (Combined PTE, PTM, NVR, VR)