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Academic Performance

Academic Performance and 'Value Added'

Updated - October 2023

Though academic success forms just one aspect of the educational experience at Sandroyd, we take immense pride in the accomplishments our pupils attain. To gauge their progress and our overall value-added impact, we employ a diverse array of assessment methods—both internal and external, qualitative and quantitative.

Our main aim in the classroom is to ignite a passion for learning in our pupils. Our carefully designed academic curriculum serves to prepare them for either Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations. We hold the view that these assessments serve as rigorous, high-stakes exit exams that are reflective of the Sandroyd standard. Beyond that, our curriculum equips pupils with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in their GCSEs and future academic endeavours.

GL Assessment Data

Sandroyd utilises GL Assessment Progress tests to monitor the academic development of our pupils across multiple subjects. These external evaluations measure a variety of skills and yield a Standard Age Score (SAS), as well as indicating how much academic progress has been made across a number of subjects. In addition, our bespoke database, Sandfly, biannually assesses the 'value added' to each pupil's educational journey at Sandroyd.

 We are proud to publish our 'Value added' results below:

Academic Scholarships

In addition to Common Entrance, a number of children are awarded academic scholarships to their senior schools each year. Over the past five years, 40% of our leavers who have gone on to public schools have gained a scholarship award. Our overall scholarship results can be found by clicking here.

The results of our academic scholarships can be seen below:

2023 Academic Scholarships

  • Charterhouse
  • Marlborough
  • Monkton
  • Radley (Exhibition)
  • St Mary’s Calne

2022 Academic Scholarships

  • Marlborough
  • Winchester College

2021 Academic Scholarships

  • Bryanston (Award)
  • Sevenoaks

2020 Academic Scholarships

  • Marlborough
  • Sherborne Girls (Exhibition)

2019 Academic Scholarships

  • Bryanston
  • Sherborne Girls
  • Sherborne Girls (Exhibition)
  • Sherborne
  • Winchester College

ISEB Preparation

Click here to access some of Sandroyd's bespoke ISEB Test Preparation resources.