Sandroyd School



What is Strive?

Our Sandroyd Strive programme, which was introduced in 2017, has become an essential component of our curriculum at Sandroyd and is arguably the most crucial part of our daily activities. In fact, the programme was recognised with 'The Strategic Education Initiative of the Year' award at the esteemed TES Independent School Awards 2019.

The objective of the Strive programme is to challenge and extend our Prep School students in areas beyond the typical academic curriculum. A key element is the concept of mentoring, whereby the adult in charge of the session acts as a mentor rather than a conventional teacher dispensing knowledge. The students themselves learn through exploration, investigation, and discovery. Reflection is a crucial aspect of the Strive programme, contributing to its success.

Children are naturally curious and ask plenty of questions to feed their curiosity. Too often, they expect just to be provided with answers from adults. When children are challenged by a teacher who perhaps doesn't have all the answers, then there is a change in mindset. The teacher becomes a mentor. This is a much more effective way to learn as it engages a child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm, helping them to explore solutions for themselves at an early age.

Alastair Speers - Headmaster

During our Strive sessions, our goal is to encourage children to explore and discover things for themselves, whether it's identifying patterns in strategic games, problem-solving, or investigating how things function.

We promote an open-minded approach, exposing children to various new experiences and teaching them diverse ways of thinking, from coding to utilising the natural environment for navigation. Our programme aims to cultivate various qualities in children, including leadership, self-confidence, creativity, courage, and resilience.

We have collaborated with several senior schools to tailor and refine our Strive program. With almost 100 hours allocated to Strive per academic year, it is a substantial part of our curriculum that enables children to realise their full potential and shine.

How does it work?

Our Strive program includes a 40-minute session four afternoons per week that involves all students. The activities at their core are designed to be enjoyable, ensuring that they are engaging and memorable, promoting a love of learning among the students.

There are six crucial areas that outline the outcomes we are striving to instill in our students:

Enlighten, Explore, Enquire, Innovate, Adapt, and Reflect

Each area includes a variety of thoughtfully scheduled activities that are presented to all students throughout the academic year and as they progress through the school. At the end of every Strive session, students reflect on what they have learned and how they can apply it in their daily lives.