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What is Strive?

Launched in 2017, our unique Sandroyd Strive programme is now a key part of the Sandroyd curriculum, and arguably the most important part of the day. Our Strive programme won 'The Strategic Education Initiative of the Year' at the prestigious TES Independent School Awards 2019.

The programme was created to stretch and challenge all of our pupils in the Prep School in areas beyond the traditional curriculum. Integral to the Strive programme is the principle that the adult running the session acts as a mentor as opposed to a traditional teacher imparting their knowledge. The pupils themselves learn from exploration, discovery and investigation. Reflection is key to the success of Strive.

Children are naturally curious and ask plenty of questions to feed their curiosity. Too often, they expect just to be provided with answers from adults. When children are challenged by a teacher who perhaps doesn't have all the answers, then there is a change in mindset. The teacher becomes a mentor. This is a much more effective way to learn as it engages a child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm, helping them to explore solutions for themselves at an early age.

Alastair Speers - Headmaster

During Strive sessions we:

  • aim for children to work things out for themselves - be that spotting patterns in strategy games, solving problems or investigating how things work; 
  • encourage children to be open to many new experiences, learning new skills and different ways of thinking – from learning coding to navigating using the natural environment;
  • develop a raft of qualities in the children – from leadership to self-confidence; creativity, courage and resilience.

We have worked with a number of Senior Schools in developing and adapting our Strive programme. With nearly 100 hours, per academic year, allocated to Strive, it is a significant part of our curriculum which allows children to fulfil their potential - to ‘shine’. 

How does it work?

All pupils take part in a 40 minute Strive session, four afternoons per week. At their core, the activities are designed to be fun – so they are engaging and memorable, to stimulate a love of learning.

There are six key areas that define the outcomes we are endeavouring to encourage in our pupils: Enlighten. Explore. Enquire. Innovate. Adapt. Reflect. Each area has a variety of carefully timetabled activities that are delivered to all pupils – both during the academic year, and as they progress through the School. Every Strive session finishes with pupils’ reflecting on what they have learnt and how they can apply this in their daily life.