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Performance Arts

Performance Arts

The Performance Arts department plays a central role at Sandroyd. The children have weekly Performing Arts lessons which include music, drama, and dance throughout the year, as well as multiple opportunities to work with specialist teachers. As part of the curriculum, each year group has an opportunity to perform in a production which starts right from our youngest children in Nursery and the Pre-Prep with a Nativity, progressing all the way through to a Pantomime and Shakespeare skills, and culminates with a full musical production in the autumn term for our Year 8 children. 

All children from Year 3 to Year 8 also have opportunities to take part in additional Performance Arts sessions through our STRIVE and evening activities programmes. This is split into the Junior and Senior parts of the school and allows for the development of our larger orchestras and choirs as well as rhythm, drama, music theory, electronic music skills, and vocal training sessions.


We aim to place music at the heart of school life.  Our children's enjoyment and enthusiasm is palpable and you will rarely walk around the school building without hearing music filtering down the corridors. Classroom music lessons are fun, often practical, and include singing, composing, listening, and a cross-curricular approach which includes dance and drama.

We have a rich and diverse range of ensembles that encourage the children to foster the joy of making music with others. Most children learn at least one musical instrument through our team of visiting music teachers. Groups include junior orchestra, senior orchestra, junior choir, senior choir, chamber choir, flute group, ukulele group, saxonets, and several rock and pop bands. With six different ensembles at the last count, there really is something for everybody at every stage of their musical journey. Five choirs supplement our ensembles and the vast majority of children are choir members.

Musical performances are plentiful and provide many opportunities for children to demonstrate their talents, whatever their experience and ability. With workshops and trips to concerts as well, children at Sandroyd have a very active musical life.


From Reception to Year 8, all children develop their speaking and listening skills, their imaginations, and their acting talents through Drama. Christmas celebrations are a highlight of the year. Children in the Pre-Prep (Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) proudly stage their own Christmas Nativity in our Theatre. Children in Years 3 and 4 take part in a Christingle in the Middle, and the Prep School (Years 3 and above) end the term with a Carol Service.

Year group productions are always a treat and children work as a team to design sets and perform on stage. Year 8 children leave Sandroyd with a bang, ending their final year with an outstanding production. 

LAMDA, Trinity Musical Theatre, and ABRSM Drama lessons are very popular extracurricular activities. Available from Year 3, many children have lessons and can opt to take either group or individual examinations.

Year 8 production of The Lion King, 2021


Our dance clubs allow Sandroyd children to enjoy the physical and social benefits of dance in a safe, caring, positive, and informal environment. With clubs for all age groups, our children can build their confidence and social skills, learning discipline and respect, whilst developing their basic dance technique, coordination, musicality, balance, posture and rhythm.

Individual, duo, small and large group dance sessions are available for the pupils to take part in. These include Boys Dance Crew, Street Dance, RAD Ballet, Tap, and Modern Dance. These sessions take place in our purpose built Dance Studio and are run by our wonderful team of Peripatetic Dance Teachers. 

Additional information about dance sessions is available by contacting our admissions office or the Performance Arts Team directly. 

Dance Showcase 'Back to the 80s', 2021