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Our Boarding Community

With boarding at the heart of our ethos, we have pupils from all over the world who join our community.  The pastoral strength of Sandroyd comes into its own when supporting boarding children, especially when one or both parents are overseas.

Military families

Our experienced Houseparents have supported military children when their parents have been in danger zones, on extended exercise or simply moving house for the umpteenth time – their wellbeing is crucial and we provide the hugs, words of comfort and family support that is so essential.

Whilst we have a number of military families at the school, they form a small proportion of our community (between 8-10%), meaning that your children will have a wide circle of friends, not just those on the same “patch” as you!

Bursaries are available for military families, subject to means testing,  so that a Sandroyd education is affordable.  If such assistance is required, please discuss this with the Headmaster when you visit us.

International families

We fully understand that for the majority of foreign parents, the primary aim of sending their child/ren to a UK boarding school is to enhance their English language skills whilst also experiencing the British culture.  As such, we have strict quotas on the number of children of any single nationality, both in a single year group and in the school as a whole, to ensure that they are given maximum immersion. This means that at weekends when the day children go home, the school continues to be predominantly filled with British children, ideal for both our ex-pat families and the foreign children alike.

The admissions process for international children is by means of school reports and handwritten assessment.  The Admissions Registrar will be able to provide you with more detail on this. Early registration is essential for any international child.  With limited places, we are full up to 18 months in advance of admission for some nationalities and we are rarely able to upgrade a waiting list place. 


All children whose parents live overseas must have a UK based guardian who is able to have the children at exeat weekends, half terms (if not returning home) and at any other time when the child cannot be at school.  A guardian may be a family member, a friend or a formal agent but we are unable to accept a child living overseas without a named guardian.

Many of the children receive invitations to spend weekends with other pupils who live locally but a guardian must be aware that this is not always the case.  Parental permission is always sought when such invitations are received.