Year 5 & 6 Plays

Year 5 'Robin Hood and the King's Bling'


Year 6 'Two Gentleman of Verona'

It was a very ambitious task for Year 6 to take on two plays at the end of the Spring Term. “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” (by Geoff Bamber and with apologies to Shakespeare!) took us from Verona to Milan, on a journey of love, betrayal and attempted kidnap. Hearts were broken, and mended, as our heroes and heroines went in search of true love in a tangled comic tale, involving rings, ladders and outlaws! 


Year 6 'Oh, Mr Shakespeare!'

Our second play, “Oh Mr Shakespeare” (again by Geoff Bamber), provided an alternative insight into the life of the famous bard, and his relationship with Queen Elizabeth 1. Espionage, cloaks and potatoes all featured, with the bumbling playwright on the verge of losing his head, but keeping it, thanks to the timely intervention of his loving wife and their maidservant. 

For both, it was a case of “all’s well that ends well”, and much fun was had by both Y6 casts!