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The Oscar Foundation

On Monday we welcomed Ashok Rathod, founder of The Oscar Foundation, to Sandroyd. Ashok joined the seniors for lunch and then gave an inspirational assembly to the whole prep school about his life and motivation for founding The Oscar Foundation. His charity uses the simplest tool - a football - to deliver education and life skills sessions that enable children and young people to become role models in their community. We learnt about the success the programme has had in empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India, and the significant international trophies that some of the Oscar football teams have won. Having inspired us with his work, Ashok then ventured out onto our pitches to show the children how he runs his sports sessions in the slums of India. Using just a football, he had the juniors and seniors captivated and demonstrated the universal power of sport in uniting people and providing a sense of belonging.

We are delighted to have already raised approx. £1,000 for The Oscar Foundation, thanks to parents’ generous support of our charitable events last term and we look forward to building on this at the Jubilee Fete this term.