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Skills Week: Year 6

Skills Week: Year 6

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This week Year 6 had the most legendary time of their lives. We have been all over the West Country learning new skills on land and water. 


To kick off the week, on Tuesday the day dawned bright and sunny and Year 6 headed off to Rockley Point in Poole Park. Armed with wetsuits and swimming costumes, we hit the water cool and steady.  Over the course of two days, many of us completed our Stage One and Two and others, with more experience of sailing, completed Stage Three. Some of us capsized like champions.Some even managed some dry capsizes - when you capsize the boat and you don’t get wet. After a few more hours of sailing we went back to the bus for a victorious game of uno   on the way back to school.Before having a delicious barbeque for tea.


The following day, Year 6 headed back to Rockley Point where our second day of sailing took place.With the wind not as strong as it was on Tuesday. Year 6 gave it their best shot. We had a fabulous picnic  with delicious ham sandwiches and crisps, interrupted by some pesky seagulls who were stealing our food. After our lunch we had another hour or two of sailing before going on massive paddle boards and having the time of  our lives. Then year 6 headed back to school where we had amazing tacos for tea and had a bottle rocket competition where we won. On that night,the year 6 girls went to Alaska for a trial night where we watched a movie and ate popcorn. 


On Thursday we hopped back on the school buses to Dorset Water Park, where we were greeted by an instructor and led to our first activity (Mud Run). This involves going under and over different types of obstacles in the squelchy, wet mud. Afterwards, still in the Mud Run area we split into groups of five and battled to drag each other into the mud in a tug of war. Bella’s team came second, losing narrowly to Isabella, Annabelle, Gus, Harry and Arthur. Then we had a quick shower to get all the mud off before heading to our picnic. Luckily there were no seagulls this time. Having eaten, we got kitted up in our swimming costumes and wetsuits and, after a quick safety briefing, jumped back onto the water for inflatable fun. When all the boys started chucking us off into the water, the girls were not amused. Some people were pulling some tricks and flips, creating a tsunami in the water. 


That evening, after supper we had a cracking time singing to some classic tunes up at the Pavilion for Karaoke Night. The girls sang two different songs, Dancing Queen  and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  With our loud racket, the Year 2’s, who were having their sleepover, had their very own concert to listen to. 


On Friday, the fun continued. This time we travelled to Paultons Park where the whole of Year 6 split up into groups and went on so many rides that we felt sick. It was epic. Amelia’s favourite ride was The Cyclone, which is a spinning wheel that almost goes upside down. Bella’s was probably the Storm Chaser which was an awesome roller coaster which went so fast you couldn't see the world go by you.After a tiring day we all went back to school where we all watched the journey to the centre of the earth with some popcorn to  eat. while watching the stunning movie.


After the tiring week we had a gentle day at school on Saturday where we designed our own Bluey themed theme park.And wrapped up the week with an outstanding disco. 


We give so much thanks to Mr Acton who has organised this whole week for us.


 By: Amelia and Bella 

Tuesday - Rockley Watersports



Wednesday - Water rockets challenge



Thursday - Fun Mud Run & Water Park


 Friday - Paultons Park