GSO Test

Riding: Success at Stonar

NSEA ISODE qualifier

We had 3 teams entered for Stonar ODE which was a first for this competition. The day consisted in three phases, dressage, show jumping and cross-country.

In the 8-11yrs Willow, Rosie, Rose and Bo all rode well in the dressage, a couple of fences down in the show jumping and 3 good clear rounds on the cross country.

In the 12-15yrs we had 2 teams, Purple team of Daisy, Molly, Will and Lily and White team of Olivia, Grace and Virginia. All 7 riders rode well in the dressage with one pony deciding to leave the dressage arena before the end of the test! In the show jumping they had 6 clear rounds and most completing the course in the cross country (a couple of ponies decided it was too much hard work!)

Once the scores were in, the younger team of Bo, Willow, Rose and Rosie celebrated with a win in their class with the Purple team in second place. Individually, Willow 10th, Rosie 8th, Rose 7th and Lily winning the class in 1st.

The 2 teams and Lily have qualified for the NSEA finals which are being run as a three day event in September.

It was a brilliant day and a great measurement of the dedication these riders put in.