Exciting Times for Boarding at Sandroyd

From September 2023, pupils will be encouraged to board in Years 7 and 8, but this will no longer be a requirement. This ensures that families can choose a boarding model to meet the needs of their children.

We are fully committed to investing in our boarding provision to maintain our position as the largest boarding community across all independent prep schools in the southwest. With this change, there is no expectation that current day pupils will have to convert to boarding. However, our experience shows that boarding in Years 7 and 8 provides significant benefits as we prepare children to thrive in their Senior Schools; we will therefore continue to encourage boarding for all pupils in Years 7 and 8.

In September, we forecast that Years 7 and 8 will be at capacity again, so we don’t envisage new starters joining as day pupils in our top two years. However, families who have committed to a Sandroyd education from a younger age now have the option for their children to grow into boarding at a rate that suits each child.

Whatever boarding status they have, every child at Sandroyd will continue to enjoy the benefits of an inclusive education at Sandroyd, with all pupils participating fully in our thriving community.