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By the time our pupils leave Sandroyd, we want them to be engaged mathematicians. But what does this mean?

It means that they understand that Maths is not all about getting the right answer and repeating facts. Teaching this subject involves nurturing an inquisitive mind and supporting them to develop resilience when unable to reach an answer easily. Every child learns differently and at Sandroyd we work hard to provide them with different strategies, thereby enabling them to decide on the approach which suits them best. Mathematics is about the analysis of patterns, focussing on this in class helps children with problem-solving tasks and investigative work.

At the heart of Maths teaching are two goals:

  1. To develop in our pupils an inquisitive mind, so that they approach maths as an interesting, and challenging area of learning.
  2. To give them the tools to function as numerate members of society.

Children are encouraged to develop a positive attitude to Maths, It is imperative that they realise that everyone can learn Maths to a good level and to have a 'can do' mindset.  

We work hard to ensure all children develop the ability to think clearly, logically and independently in mathematics. They need to possess quick recall of basic facts so that their working memory is freed up for higher level thinking. 

Children are encouraged to develop:

  • a positive attitude to maths as an interesting and elegant subject;
  • an understanding of the subject through a process of enquiry;
  • an appreciation of the nature of number and space;
  • an appreciation of mathematical patterns and the ability to identify relationships;
  • mathematical skills and knowledge accompanied by the quick recall of basic facts;
  • the ability to develop and refine mental strategies for quick calculations
  • an awareness of the uses of mathematics outside the classroom

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