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The study of Latin at Sandroyd is unique - all exercises have been written in-house, and no formal course is followed.  

This allows the teachers the flexibility to adapt their teaching to suit the particular needs of the pupils. We are able to change and amend what is taught to reflect closely the demands of the various syllabuses at Common Entrance level and in Scholarship papers.

The emphasis throughout is on the structured learning of vocabulary and grammar. With solid foundations built up in Years 6, the pupils move on in Years 7 and 8 to the reading of colourful Greek myths and exciting scenes from early Roman history.

The syllabus is designed to give each pupil a real sense of achievement, and a genuine feel for the ancient world through a systematic study of its language and culture.

Outside the classroom, the annual Salisbury Classical Association Classics Speaking Competition offers students the chance to act out fun Latin dialogues, or recite a solo passage, proving that Latin is very much alive and well, and for keen budding classicists, there is the opportunity to study Greek as an extra-curricular activity from Year 7.