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During History lessons at Sandroyd, we want to create a curiosity about the past and how it has shaped the present, as we know it.

History lessons aim to develop a pupils ability to communicate what they have learned and support ideas with historical evidence, both of which are skills needed for the future.


Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Y8 Rebellions:
James I + the Gunpowder Plot
Peasants Revolt
Pilgrimage of Grace
The Anglo Zulu war
The Battles of Isandhlwana and Rorke’s Drift
Revision of work from years 6 to 8.
History presentation: Personal study of a person from history
Y7 Medieval Monarchs:
Henry III and parliament
Edward I Wales and Scotland
William Wallace
Medieval Monarchs:
Edward II
Robert the Bruce
Edward III
The Black Death
The Hundred Years War
Henry V
Y6 A year in the life of a country : 1066.
Succession crisis, Stamford Bridge, Hastings,
The Norman aftermath.
Church vs State.
History Mysteries:
The death of William Rufus.
The White Ship Disaster
The Life and times of Thomas A Becket.
Religion and War:
Richard I
The Crusades. Hero or Villain?
King John
Y5 The Tudors:
What was it like living in Tudor times? Why did Henry VIII marry six times? Who were the 4 Thomases?
The Tudors:
How and why did exploration change the world? What was life like on a Tudor Ship?
Local study:
The History of Sandroyd and Rushmore
What is History?
Y4 Ancient Egyptians.
How can we find out about the Egyptians from what has survived?
Ancient Greeks:
Who were the ancient Greeks
Ancient Romans:
How did they live?
What were the differences between them and the Greeks
Y3 Settlers:
Why did the Romans come to Britain?
Why did the Anglo-Saxons come?
Why did the Vikings come?
Y2 Gun Powder Plot
Remembrance Day
Christmas from the Past
Intrepid Explorers and famous People from the past including:
Nightingale, Columbus, Armstrong
Communication – then and now
The Great Fire of London
Y1 Houses through
the ages –
Famous Queens
Intrepid Explorers and famous People from the past including:
Brunel, Cook, Braille, Wright Brothers
Seaside holidays from the past
Local Historic Places including School buildings, Temple, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral