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Himalayas House (Senior Boys')

Himalayas Houseparents: Mr Holbrook

The Senior Boys' Boarding House is for boys in Year 8. For their final year, the boys are given more freedom, with a later ‘upstairs’ than the younger children along with other privileges. The aim of the environment created in Himalayas House is to recreate the boarding House environment in Year 9 of the boys' Senior Schools. As such, there is a kitchen area where boys can prepare their own snacks in the evenings.

The rules in the Senior Wing are adapted to reflect the age group of the children and indeed to ensure they are absolutely ready for boarding at their Senior Schools.

We have a fantastic array of support staff who work in the house, including our matrons, our Gap Students and a selection of academic staff who do evening duties.

The Senior Wing is great fun, but also a vital stepping stone from Prep school to Senior School.