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Sandroyd Mission Statement

We aim to ensure that each child’s experience of Sandroyd is a thoroughly happy, enjoyable and fulfilling one. Sandroyd provides a supportive environment that empowers children to flourish in their academic, cultural, sporting, and social endeavours.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing a caring and safe school environment that ensures all members of our diverse community are respected and treated equally.
  • Maintaining a harmonious and enjoyable working and learning environment, where rudeness and unreasonable behaviour from staff, pupils and parents are not tolerated.
  • The provision of a broad curriculum that, in addition to academic excellence, provides a significant extra-curricular programme that allows for the development of a child’s character and confidence.  
  • Small class sizes and an effective tutor system that ensure each child’s skills and talents are nurtured and enhanced
  • Promoting the importance of manners, kindness and respecting others


In addition, the Governors are committed to:

  • Robust financial management to allow for investment in the facilities and equipment required to meet the aims of our mission statement
  • Reducing the school's environmental footprint


Alastair Speers, September 2021