GSO Test

Year 6 Latin Trip

We arrived at The New Barn Field Centre for our Latin Trip. We were first told to wait, we didn't know what for but then suddenly an old man jumped out of the bushes with a pilum (a roman type of spear) and a long sheild! He led us into a circle of benches around a fire and showed us weapons and armour that the Romans used when invading Britain (or Latin Britannia as they called it then). Did you know the Romans struggled when they first arrived because of the weather and the lack of heat? We then got into lines and we learnt how the Roman army marched and now I realise how well drilled and disciplined the army were. Finally we went into three groups and did fun activities which were; making a poultice for a cut or wound by grinding leaves in a pestle and mortar, making mosaics, writing on wax tablets  and making cord out of nettles. Thank you so much to the New Barn Field Centre and the staff at Sandroyd for taking us on this amazing trip.


By James H & Xander M