The Gappers' Cup

On Sunday 12th March the staff once again took on the parents for the hugely anticipated Gappers Cup football match. Having plied the parents with food and drink before the match the staff were hoping for a rather labored start to the match from the parents; however, this was far from the reality as the match has played end to end at what can only be described as a blistering pace depending upon the age of the players.

The staff managed to go one up fairly early on but then a string of unusual refereeing decisions coupled with some VAR referrals from the Y8 officials saw goals overturned, penalties given and a string of yellow cards given out which meant the score line swung backwards and forwards. Throughout most of the game the majority of the spectators and indeed the players had not the faintest idea about which team was winning.

As the final whistle blew it was a classic Oscars moment where the trophy was presented to the parents but after a little discussion it was handed back to the staff who were victors 3-2 (allegedly) .

A huge thank you to the parents and staff who took part, to the spectators who were put through an extraordinary spectacle of footballing skill, and more importantly, to the school chef for a fabulous lunch.