Year 8 Geography Trip to the Brothers Drinks Factory

There’s no better way of learning about a subject than to get out there and see it first hand.  Our year 8 group was lucky enough to visit the Brothers Drinks factory in Shepton Mallett to explore how a local industry operates and was able to observe and ask questions about the factory and its processes. After being kitted out with earplugs, hats, high visibility coats and protective glasses, one of the first surprises was how few people are needed to work in a modern factory but how important their role is in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We were also surprised at how far some of the basic ingredients had travelled, for example, the sugar had come all the way from the Caribbean whilst lemons came from either Italy or Israel. Ingredients, bottles, packaging and labels all had to be sourced and brought into the factory before the drinks could be made and shipped out. Whilst we had assumed that the factory would use local ingredients and local markets, it turned out that the products are shipped all over the world!  Our visit to a local drinks factory led us to look at shipping and the importance of ‘containerisation’. Making links between the physical and human world play a vital role in geography and we have since gone on to look at large, global industries by comparison and their impact on the world.