Year 6 Maths Challenge at Bryanston

On Thursday 19th January Sandroyd had its annual visit to Bryanston to take place in the Year 6 Maths challenge. This is always a very popular event which has been running for many years. The challenge is organised by Douglas Buchanan, a retired teacher from the Eagle House School at Sandhurst. He runs the challenges all over the south-west and it is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to test their wits against some excellent maths puzzles.

Our first pair were Fay Feng and Douglas Page and Alex Barkshire and Kit Blomfield were our second pair.

The afternoon was divided into 3 challenges, the first was called Find The Value. 

Here is an example:

A B C D E    are represented by 1 2 3 4 5

C – D = 1               A + B = 3               A + E = 5

Find the value of each letter.

Douglas and Fay were one of the first 5 pairs to complete all 10 questions in this round and received a bonus of 10 points.

The second challenge was Counting Down, a challenge based on the programme Countdown. The children were given 12 totals and various numbers to use to make those totals. This certainly kept the markers busy as the children raced up with their solutions and methods then had to be explained!

Here is an example of a Counting Down question:

Use            75   9   4   2   5   7        to make       154   

Not all of the numbers have to be used but each number must only be used once. All 4 operations can be applied.

The third challenge was called The Big Event which was a maths relay. One of the pair had to run up with a solution to question 1 and then run back with the next question. As many questions were completed as possible in 15 minutes. Douglas and Fay answered the most questions in their group in this challenge. The questions were all problems to solve.

For example, ten posts are placed 20 metres apart on a field. What is the distance between the first and last post?

A household has some goldfish, some canaries and rabbits. Altogether there are 15 heads and 26 legs. How many of each animal could there be?

When all of the scores were added up the results were announced. Alex and Kit had performed extremely well in their section, gaining 4th place. Douglas and Fay came second overall and were the lucky winners of a geometry set each. 2nd out of 54 teams is a most impressive achievement. These are the best results we have had for many years so enormous congratulations to all 4 participants.