Year 5 Maths Challenge

On Monday 9th October four year 5 children attended the Year 5 Mathematics Challenge hosted by Douglas Buchanan at Ballard School, New Milton. Douglas always has a good turnout and 18 schools were in attendance. The four children representing Sandroyd were Alfie Miles, Pia, Indy Jarratt and Rory McGregor.

The children worked in pairs through six problems during an eight minute period at each station. The activities were: Dominoes, Catch The Train, Tangrams, Broken Calculator, Adding Ladders and Ordering Cards. There was then a final round where all the children participated in a multiple choice quiz involving 5 questions.

Both pairs thoroughly enjoyed the event and did extremely well. Indy and Rory came equal 5th out of 18 in their group and Alfie and Pia came 7th out of 18 in their section. Ordering Cards seemed to cause problems for both teams but they were all very strong on the Domino Jigsaw and Catch The Train. A big well done to both teams!

A few of the tasks they were challenged on can be seen below: