Year 5 Maths Challenge, Ballard School, New Milton

On Monday 10th October four year 5 children attended the Year 5 Mathematics Challenge hosted by Douglas Buchanan at Ballard School, New Milton. Over 15 schools were in attendance. The four children representing Sandroyd were Frank Allfrey, Natalie Galloway, James Fuller and Joshua Dingley. They were split into two separate leagues – Natalie and Joshua were in the Hexagons League and James and Frank were in the Nonagons League.

The children worked through six problems during an eight minute period at each station. The activities were: Dominoes, Train Timetables, Tangrams, Broken Calculator, Mystery Numbers and Ordering Cards. There was then a final round where all the children participated in a multiple choice quiz involving 5 questions called ‘and the answer is’.

Here are a few examples of the activities:


Clues are given and the young mathematicians have to discover what the value is:

“I think of a number, double it and add 10. My answer is 22. What is the number?”

maths1 maths2 maths3

Both pairs thoroughly enjoyed the event and did extremely well. The Nonagons pair came fourth, their total score actually beating the winners of the Hexagon section. The Hexagons pair came a very respectable fifth place. A big well done to both teams.

Here are a few of their thoughts from the afternoon:

Joshua: My favourite challenge was the one where you had to find the mystery number because it was …. Easy! Fun! Awesome! Amazing! Cool! I also really liked it because we had to work together to find out the number.

Natalie: My favourite activity in the challenge was Mystery Number and ‘and the answer is’. I liked the mystery number because I love to think it all backwards and I liked ‘and the answer is’ because I love thinking quickly to get an answer. The maths challenge was such a great opportunity and I wish I could do it again!

Frank: I had a really great time at the maths challenge. My favourite bit was the mystery number. James and I worked really well together and we came 4th out of 28 teams.

James: I liked 3 challenges – Dominoes because you really need to think about it and it’s quite fun to put them in the right place; Broken Calculators because it tests your skills in +,-,x and ÷ and it is really frustrating when you get really close. (But being frustrated is good in maths); Number cards because you have to work really well with your partner and think about the problem carefully.