Year 5 Geography Trip to Alvediston

On Tuesday 17th May it was a beautiful sunny morning as the Year 5 pupils slapped on the sun cream and loaded up their wellies for the annual Year 5 field trip to Alvediston as part of their rivers curriculum work. 

Safety and technical briefings complete, measuring sticks, tape measures and stop watches were handed out to each group and the 6 groups set off at different junctions along the river to record raw data in the width, speed and depth of the river.  The pupils were instructed that “teamwork makes the dream work” and there were clearly groups that used Leicester City’s recent exploits as inspiration… Sadly there were a couple of Aston Villa moments also! 

A quick snack and drinks break and then a stroll further down the river to see a perfect meander formation, which demonstrated clear examples of erosion, transportation and deposition. Everyone was enthused and to have so many keen geographers was wonderful to see. 

The final task was to measure pebble sizes to gain information on transportation and deposition and then a quick sketch of the area was followed by a soggy walk back to the minibuses. It will not surprise many parents to learn the excitement of water proved too much for some boys and girls but everyone learnt a great deal, saw geography close up in action and after a warm shower at school the general consensus was the trip was a success and should inspire a few more walks by the river on future. 

A huge thanks must go to Mr Irving, Mrs Carlyle-Clarke, Miss Mawdsley and Ms Green for their help in keeping everyone on task and making the day so enjoyable.