Wylye Valley Pony Club Triathlon

On Sunday 20th November we took 19 children to the triathlon with most doing one for the first time. Class 1 was for 7yrs and under which Laura W was in. First was the swim which went very well and Laura managed just over 3 lengths in the 2 mins. Then it was bean bag throwing (which is instead of shooting) scoring 800 out of 1000. Last was the 600m run which due to the overnight rain was very wet and boggy but Laura coped well and ran a good time. Indivdually Laura was placed 17/44 and was in a team that was 7th/20.

In Class 2 (9yrs and under) we had 3 teams of 3 entered for this one. Team Purple was Harry SG, James F and Arthur P. Team White was Frederick B, Alex B and Arthur M. Team Blue was Ned T, George SP and Patrick A. All the boys shot first with Arthur P getting 700/1000, James 620/1000 and then the others going down from 600 to 60!! Next was the 2 minute swim with all the boys swimming well but Arthur M was way ahead of the whole class and was placed 1st in the swim as an individual. Last came the 1000m run which all the boys tried very hard but it was very wet and boggy so much so that 2 boys came back with one shoe missing! James came out well in this phase and was placed individual 2nd. In the overall individual, James was 4th and Arthur M was 5th. In the team competition the Purple team was placed 8th and the White team was 12th.

Class 3  (11yrs and under) we again had 3 teams of 3. Green team of Theo M, Dylan T and Caspar B, Yellow team of Joey K, Ed F and Archie WB, Red team of Hubert J, Jack R and Freddie L. In the shoot, Joey, Ed, Dylan and Freddie all shot well with the others not far behind. In the swim again Joey went well with Theo and Archie close behind. Finally the run and all the boys ran very well, Joey was placed 2nd individually with Ed, Archie and Dylan close behind. Joey was placed 6th overall individual, Yellow team was 4th, Green team was 5th and Red team was 7th.

All the competitors went very well and tried their hardest having an enjoyable day and all looking forward to the next one.