What’s on at the Weekends?

Our weekends are busy, diverse and most importantly a great deal of fun! Click on the individual editions of The Sandroyd Times below for a detailed breakdown of the main Saturday and Sunday events and boarders’ news. 

We have on average about 75 boarders staying over the weekend on a Saturday night. On some Saturday nights we will have over 100 boarders, and on our quietest weekends we will have between 40 and 50. This allows us to tailor our weekends depending on our numbers. On the smaller weekends we may jump in minibuses and head off to the coast, whilst on larger weekends we will make the very most of our beautiful surroundings. Most Sundays will always be full of bike rides, dog walks, riding, wide games and other outdoor activities. Cooking, arts and crafts, design, swimming, apple pressing, are amongst a varied range of indoor activities. The highlight of every weekend is Robert’s roast lunch where we are regularly joined by parents.

The Sandroyd Times

All of our weekend events are summarised and advertised in the weekly published Sandroyd Times. Click on the images below to download each edition:

    17th/18th November 2018
 10th/11th November 3rd/4th November 2018 13th/14th October 2018
29th/30th September 2018 15th/16th September 2018 8th/9th September 2018
23/24th June 2018 9/10th June 2018 19/20th May 2018
 12th/13th May 2018  28th/29th April 2018  21st/22nd April 2018
 3rd/4th March 2018  24th/25th February 2018 3rd/4th February 2018
 13th/14th January 2018  2nd/3rd December 2017  18th/19th November 2017
11th/12th November 2017 4th/5th November 2017  14th/15th October 2017
30th September/1st October 2017 16th/17th September 2017 9th/10th September 2017