People Skills

‘Sandroyd children are generally exemplary human beings, who always have a go at everything and look after those around them really well’ – A Senior School Housemaster.

Really important to us at Sandroyd is the way that children interact with each other, with adults and present themselves to the outside world. Good manners and common courtesy can often be forgotten in our frantic world yet they are the best bit of ‘old fashioned’. Holding doors open, being able to conduct a sensible conversation at the lunch table and thinking of others at all times are just as important to us winning matches! It is vital that children of this age are taught to interact in a positive and friendly manner, comfortable and confident yet not cocky in their interactions with their peers and adults. In an age where interactions with screens appears to be the priority, the old fashioned ‘people skills’ will see Sandroyd children go that bit further.