.b Mindfulness Course

All pupils in Years 7 and 8 are being given an introduction to Mindfulness practice by following the .b course developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project, based in Oxford.

The course consists of 9 half hour lessons, delivered as part of the SKULL programme, and is taught by Rosie Buck, a trained Mindfulness in Schools teacher working within Sandroyd’s Learning Support Department. It is an awareness raising exercise to give pupils a taste of mindfulness, which may be useful in later life but can also be used to help with the anxiety that can occur in the lead up to Common Entrance.

During this course, pupils will look at how the mind naturally wanders and how they can begin to direct their attention. They consider the importance of developing an attitude of kind curiosity towards themselves and ways of recognising how we tend to overthink when we worry. They explore ways of savouring the moment and recognising the difference between reacting and responding to situations. They also look at developing techniques to help with relaxation, and recognising thoughts as traffic that flows through the mind. The course looks at understanding stress and recognising stress signatures, as well as developing an attitude of gratitude, as a means of improving happiness and fulfilment. .b stands for “Stop, Breathe and Be” and is central to the course, which also introduces a couple of simple counting meditations (7/11 and Finger Counting), a sitting mediation (FOFBOC: Feet on floor, body on chair), a lying relaxation meditation (Beditation), as well as some mindful walking and eating.

To find out more on .b Mindfulness please download the flyer here.