Glossary of Terms


Hobbies/activities can be group or individual. Some are taught by peripatetic staff, while others are taught by academic staff. Some incur an extra cost. Most take place on Monday afternoons, but others take place in the evenings. A chance for children to explore other areas of interest for themselves.


These are good marks that are awarded for exceptional performance in all walks of life at Sandroyd. A cup is awarded to the highest scoring house on a weekly basis.

All-In Weekend

A weekend when all boarders are required to stay in on Saturday night and all day Sunday. These are always the first weekends of term but there are occasionally more, as highlighted in the termly calendar card.

Best Alphas Outing

The top Alpha scorers in each form are rewarded with an outing (such as ice-skating) at the end of each term. There is a maximum of 2 outings per child per academic year.


The Under 11 year group teams are known as Colts.


A boy or girl in Year 8 who is given responsibilities (similar to prefects or monitors).

Drawing Room

Currently the Headmaster’s Study – formerly a general reception area and later a relaxation room for boarders.

Elephant’s Foot

The domed area of grass outside the Dining Room.


Three of the only four classrooms in the main school building, now home to the Modern Foreign Languages and Latin departments.


Team sport that takes place five afternoons per week, with all children involved. Matches are generally played on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

GAP Students

Four students join us for one year, usually from January to December. Most come from the southern hemisphere, particularly Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They have mostly just finished school and are taking a year out before moving on to University or some other form of higher education.


General Knowledge. Children learn 10 facts and are tested on these and their spelling, usually every Friday. Scores are added up and prizes awarded to the winning house and children.


Every new child is given a guide who is in their class and usually in their dorm as well if boarding. We try to introduce them during the holidays preceding their first term at Sandroyd.


The ditch which runs around the immediate area of the School. It was designed to keep out unwanted wildlife without having to resort to ugly fencing.


Each child belongs to a team house named after local rivers: Avon, Ebble, Nadder and Wylye.


Boarding at Sandroyd is split into 4 different areas: Junior Boys and Girls; Middle Boys; Senior Girls; Senior Boys. Each area has its own set of houseparents who are usually also teachers in the School and live here along with their families.


A supervised activity where the Juniors build huts (or dens) in nearby woods.

Masters’ Yard

The tarmac playground outside the Computer Lab.


A team of four or five ladies who mostly live in the main school and provide pastoral backup to the Houseparents. In addition they help with second hand requirements and laundry.

The Middle

The oak-panelled hall, once the heart of the School, with the main wooden staircase and several ping-pong tables. Often used for parents’ refreshments after drama / music performances or matches.

Niti Est Nitere

The School’s Latin motto – ‘To Strive Is To Shine’ (also the motto of Kedron State High in Queensland, Australia, and the motto of author Stephen Gregory’s fictional school in ‘Perils and Dangers of This Night’).


These are bad marks for children who carry out a minor offence repeatedly. Omegas bring minus marks which are taken away from Alpha scores each week.

Paddock Cottage Break

A group of children who have performed well in an area of the school are invited to break with the Headmaster’s wife, usually on a Wednesday.


Reasoning and Thinking Skills. All children in Year 6 are taught lateral thinking as part of their curriculum.

Senior Boys’ Wing

The area where the boys in Year 8 board and do their prep in their study bedrooms. 

Senior Girls’ Wing

The area along one side of the Masters’ Yard where the girls in Years 7 and 8 board and do their prep.


We have a team of different nurses who take it in turns to be present at the School 24 hours a day. They are responsible for all medical matters and liaise with the local GP at Sixpenny Handley.


Every child has Strive sessions in the afternoons before prep. There are over 50 activities that are put together across the Strive program. These range from politics to debating, from gardening to engineering feats, from financial management to inventing – these are the things that children really need to know in life!

The Square

The landing at the top of the main staircase.

* Starred Service

Once a term there is a Sunday Chapel Service which is starred (*) in the calendar and requires ALL children (day and boarding) in Year 4 and above to attend. A visiting preacher from outside the school usually speaks at the service.


The temple, similar in style to that dedicated to the goddess Vesta in Rome, was put up close to the main house by General Pitt-Rivers, the owner of Rushmore House, in 1890 to commemorate the birth of his first grandson. It is now very much the symbol of Sandroyd.

The Walled Garden

Home of the Pre-Prep (Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2).


The large area of grass adjacent to the temple end of the games field. Cars park here for matches.

Tuck Shop

Usually open at weekends. Children are allowed a limited amount of tuck which is then charged to their bill. Non profit making! Overseen by the Headmaster’s wife.


For The Walled Garden, Years 3, 4 and 5 this is their form teacher. In Years 6, 7 and 8, an academic member of staff has a group of six or seven mixed aged children for whom they are responsible, both academically and pastorally. A good first point of contact for parents.


Boarders have a light supper just before bedtime in the Dining Room. So called because it used to be served from a trolley in the corridor.


The shower area in the main changing room.