Boarding at Sandroyd

Many schools offer boarding but at Sandroyd it is a core part of what makes the school tick.

There are no outlying boarding houses; all of the dormitories are in the main building and it is very much the children’s home.  However, the strength of the boarding lies with the quality of the staff who run it and the fact that all academic staff are involved in helping in each of the boarding houses.

The boarding is split into four separate houses with four sets of Houseparents, their own Matrons and GAP students.  Academic staff help to put the children to bed on each landing and this allows the staff to get to know the pupils in a different environment.  Whilst each of the houses enjoy their own idiosyncrasies, there are common themes that run throughout  all of them which allow the children to have fun together up until lights out, with the knowledge that they are supported and well looked after by all the staff.  It really is a home from home.