Sandroyd School Trust

The aim of the Sandroyd School Trust is to educate children in a safe and professional environment.

As a charity we are registered with the Charities Commission. In general terms, the School understands that its charitable objectives fall into two main categories, explained below.

Financial Assistance

The School offers financial assistance in the form of Bursaries, awarded to those families who would otherwise be unable to meet the full fees in order to send a child to Sandroyd. Further details about the types of bursary available, forms and conditions of awarding them are available from the Bursar and on our page about Fees & Bursaries.

Availability of Facilities and Resources

Sandroyd will endeavour to make the most of its location, facilities and staff within the local community. The benefit that the School can add to the lives of people, particularly children, living in the local community is enormous and the school will actively seek opportunities to increase and improve on this contact.


The following groups all have use of our facilities:

Swimming Pool
• The Phillip Green School for disabled pupils
• Sixpenny Handley Primary School
• Local toddler group
• Adult beginners’ class

• Local adult keep fit class
• Berwick St John Youth Group

Performing Arts Centre
• Local Amateur Dramatic Society
• Chalke Valley Choral Society
• Lectures for local schools – children and staff


Dining Room
• Various charity events
• Fund-raising for Broad Chalke Primary School

Games pitches
• Local Youth Group
• Rugby and football training with local primary schools
• Local adult cricket teams for evening matches

All-weather surface
• Joint training and fun hockey with Broad Chalke Primary School


General Activities
A number of events are held throughout the year at the School which involve the use of many School facilities, including:

• The summer Tetrathlon Competition: open to teams from other schools and to Pony Clubs, both local and national.
• The Summer Fête: open to the public with stalls and activities very much child-based.

Minibus services
The School provides a comprehensive minibus service from the surrounding towns and villages. School minibuses are also used to transport children from local schools to take part in activities at The Walled Garden Pre-Prep.


Additional Information

The School also has a role to play for the benefit of the wider community although it recognises that this role is not a part of its charitable objective (see above). This includes the following aspects:

• Employment
The School is a major private employer. Given the rural location this provides an immense employment opportunity for local people coming from all walks of life and offering a range of skills.

A number of young students are employed every year, mainly through the GAP scheme.


• Charity Fundraising
The School supports a different charity each term. Significant donations, usually in excess of £1,000 a term, are made to the specific charities with funds raised in a number of ways, including church collections, Friends’ events, sponsored activities, etc.

• Music
The Chapel Choir regularly sings in church services (from parish churches to cathedrals) and performs concerts both locally and further afield during the annual Choir Tour. Their singing is hugely enjoyed and much appreciated.


Recent Fundraising

Click on the links below to visit the websites of charities supported over the last few years:


The School also sponsors the education of a young Thai orphan, Adip.