Pastoral Care and Worship

Pastoral care is one of Sandroyd’s great strengths.

Each child has a personal Tutor who is responsible for monitoring academic progress, seeing that out of class hours are spent profitably and productively and generally being a first port of call when life doesn’t always go according to plan! For the younger children, up to and including Year 5, this will be their class teacher.

Beyond Year 5 the pupils are assigned to a Tutor Group, consisting of six or seven children from Years 6 – 8, under the guidance of a member of staff. They will remain in this group until it is time to move on to their Senior Schools. It has been found that the children enjoy the continuity which this system affords and also benefit from their contact with pupils of different ages. As for the Tutors, they are able to build up a genuine rapport with their students over the three years in which they are in their charge.

Communal worship also plays an important part in the life of the School with the Christian ethos underpinning the key values which are at the heart of the School and which we encourage the children to live by. The pupils take an active role in morning assemblies with each Tutor Group taking it in turns to lead the worship on a Saturday. Matins is held on a Sunday and visiting speakers are invited to join us and enrich the children’s experience. Parents are more than welcome to join the School for these Sunday services.


Although all the pupils are required to follow the School’s religious routine, provision is made for children of all faiths to attend other places of worship. For example, we have many Roman Catholics among our boarding students and they have the opportunity to go to a local Convent for Mass on a Sunday.

The daily round of life at school can be both busy and even hectic on occasions. The peaceful calm of the School Chapel can be a good place just to sit down and draw breath from time to time.