Fees and Bursaries

School Fees

All fees include accident insurance, regular medical fees, school laundry and a trip to France for children when they reach Year 7.

These fees are for this current academic year and came into force in September 2017.

Sandroyd Years 7 and 8
£8180 (5% sibling discount)

Sandroyd Years 4 – 6
Boarding – £8180 (5% sibling discount)
Day – £6750 (5% sibling discount)

Sandroyd Year 3
Boarding – £6470 (5% sibling discount)
Day – £5020 (5% sibling discount)

Occasional Boarding
£34 per night

The Walled Garden Pre-Prep
£2820 (Appropriate discounts for the Walled Garden are provided for children with siblings in either The Walled Garden or Sandroyd).

The Walled Garden Nursery
£23.00 per half day
£32.00 per day (with lunch)

For information on School Fee Plans please click here.


The School offers financial assistance in the staying-in-the-area3form of bursaries. Bursaries are awarded to those families who would otherwise be unable to meet the full fees in order to send a child to Sandroyd. A number of factors are taken into account when awarding bursaries, including family income, the net value of assets in the family, and, if a successful application is made, the award is pegged according to these factors. One 100% bursary is available from Year 7 and is a joint award with Bryanston School enabling a pupil to receive private education from aged 11 to 18. Please see below for further details. There are also awards available for the sons and daughters of servicemen and women killed or wounded on operations.

Forms and conditions of bursaries are available from the Bursar. All bursaries are means tested. Any request for a bursary is forwarded to a committee comprising the Headmaster, the Bursar and one Governor. Bursaries are awarded on an annual basis and reviewed annually. Funds are limited and not every eligible applicant will be successful. On receipt of an application form for a bursary the child will be invited to the school for assessment and interview.

Hardship Bursary

In addition, there are a limited number of bursaries available to those parents of children currently at Sandroyd who, for one reason or other, find themselves unable to continue to meet the fee requirements. Account will be taken of the likely number of years the award may be required. Once again, these awards are means-tested and subject to annual review.

The Sandroyd/Bryanston Bursaryfees-small-3

A single bursary of 100% of the school fees is awarded annually to a girl or a boy whose parents had not previously considered private education. The child selected each year enters Sandroyd as a full-time boarder in Year 7 and remains at the school for 2 years before moving on to Bryanston where the award continues in order for the child to complete their education. This wonderful opportunity is of considerable value and the selection process is made not just through means testing, but also on the academic and all-round talent of the child. Full details are available from either the Sandroyd Office (01725 516264) or the Bursar (01725 516329)

Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA)

The school supports this scheme for providing help for service families.

Personal Accident Insurance

All pupils are covered with personal accident and dental accident insurance. Details of the scheme can be found by clicking on the link below:

Personal Accident Insurance