Communication with Parents

Communication is THE most important aspect of the link between parents and the school during your child’s school day when it comes to dealing with the academic development and the well-being of a child. Below is a list of the more official channels you can use, but, if you have any queries or worries during your time at Sandroyd, please ask as that is what we (the adults) are here for!

Academic Progress

On a 2-3 week basis each academic subject produces effort grades (from 1-5), reflecting your son or daughter’s efforts in learning. At half term an attainment and an effort grade is given to each child, these appear on your section of the school website. At the end of each term a report is written by all subject teachers as well as tutor/form tutors and the Headmaster. The Christmas and Summer reports are more comprehensive than the Spring report. Once a year there is a formal Parent Teacher meeting hosted by the school, when parents have a chance to ask questions and meet the teaching staff face to face. It may be appropriate at certain stages during your child’s prep school life to chat to the form teacher, tutor or Headmaster particularly for example when selecting senior schools during Years 5, 6 and 7.


The Houseparents, as well as tutors, will communicate with parents from time to time, particularly when children start boarding at Sandroyd in order to let parents know how their children are settling and exactly what they are doing. The school will always communicate with the parents if we have a worry or concern or there has been an incident at the school which we feel parents should be made aware of and might affect the child’s well-being.

Medical Matters

The school nurse (Sandroyd has a fully qualified nurse on duty at the school for 24 hours, 7 days a week) will always communicate with parents should there be a worry about a child, if he/she needs to see a doctor or is ill. Likewise, it is imperative for the school to know if children have been ill at home so that we can continue treatment and look out for the child.


For general matters or changes to advertised events such as events or matches, information on the website is updated daily and any important information is put out on the school App. If parents ever have any questions, they must not hesitate to pick up the phone, email or ask at any stage.