U8 Hockey v Ballard and Durlston Court

On Wed 5th Oct with great excitement we set off for the first U8 first fixture of the term. It was a wholeheartedly positive experience for the girls and Hector and they coped well with the long drive across the New Forest.

Not only did we have all of the Y3 girls but also Tilly and Hector joined us from The Walled Garden. Our first game was against Durlston Court and within a couple of minutes Tilly Bell had scored our first goal. This was shortly followed by Oriana and then in the second half by Laura. They all played so well in this first game with good levels of concentration and they displayed knowledge of the basic techniques of hockey. Their field positioning was not so strong but their ball control, dribbling and block tackles were excellent. They did exactly what they had been told to do.

The second game was against Ballard. They had a couple of physically strong players but their hockey technique was not quite so adept. This enabled Hector to break free with the ball, head towards the oppositions goal, hit it towards the target where twice Florence managed to pop it in the net. Everybody made their contribution to the team with Tilly, Hector, Poppy, Laura and Florence forming the basis of the attack. Amelia, Oriana, Violet and Freya were steady and strong in defence creating some good play and making it a very enjoyable afternoon of hockey.