Trip to Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium

On Thursday 26th January the whole of year six went on a science trip to Winchester science centre. First of all, we arrived at the centre and we did an activity {data logging} which was so interesting. I worked in a pair with Minna and we had to put different coloured tissue paper over the little light censor to measure which colour let in the most lux. Then we did a bit more of that including temperature and sound – I think the best bit out of the first activity was the temperature part where we had a temperature probe and had to make the hottest temperature using friction and the coldest temperature using ice and salt. All of our readings were recorded on a special computer.

 After that we went into the planetarium which was a massive dome screen filled with lots of tilted cinema chairs. We watched the massive screen as it took us though outer space and told us millions of facts about stars and light years! We learnt that the colour of mars is made by rust, and that in a fair few years the sun will become so large that its surface will be by Earth’s protective layer!

After lunch we had some free time to explore the science centre, my favourite two things were the ‘colon café’ where the was a life-size intestine and a screen where we chose what we wanted to eat and then a receipt came out and you walked into the intestine. Inside the intestine there were scanners where you could scan your receipt and it would tell you about that meal. Further on in the intestine there were four toilet seats where when you scanned the receipt it would illuminate one toilet and you would lift the lid up and put your hand in to feel what your poo would come out like after you had eaten your meal.

My next favourite was a wheel chair which you sat in and you had to play basketball to feel what it would be like to be disabled……. It was quite hard!!!

Lastly, we made rockets, I was in a team with Minna and Tati! Our rockets were made of spare plastic bottles and some coloured card. To make it we had to cut out a cone shape for the nose of the rocket, which would make it more streamlined and we made some fins for balance and support when the rocket went into the air. We all decided to call it Apollo MLT, because it used our initials in the name. Overall, it was an amazingly fun trip and I would really like to go again!

By Lily