Stowe Verse Speaking Competition 2017

What better way to close the Spring term than with a celebration of poetry, bringing words to life through performance?

It takes an incredible trust in yourself to tackle a poem – sometimes from another era and in a second language – and to live with that poem until it becomes part of you.  Every student at Sandroyd from Years 3 to 8 rose to the challenge, selecting their poems with care and putting a great deal of time into their learning.

This culminated in a wonderful morning and evening in which each of the class finalists performed to their peers and teachers. The hard work and dedication of all the students contributes immeasurably to the literacy and culture of Sandroyd and I would like to commend each and every one.

Congratulations to Esme Thomas, Year 8, and Jemima Carson, Year 4, who won the Senior and Junior prizes; and to Jean Paul Hartley, Year 7, and Douglas Page, Year 6, awarded second place in their respective categories.