Science Quiz club at Sherborne House School

On 16th November a team consisting of Lily Zingg, Douglas Page, Harry Simpson Gee and Ivo Akers-Douglas, along with Tatiana Welchman as the travelling reserve, went to Sherborne House School to take part in the National Science Championship area heat. Each team had to consist of 2 Year 5 pupils and 2 Year 6 pupils and the members were selected by taking part in various knockout rounds during the early part of this term.

This is the first time that Sandroyd has taken part in this event and we were up against schools that had done it before, one school had even made it to the Championship last year.

Each team member had a key pad on which to record their answer. Each question was a multi-choice and was worth a certain number of points. If all the members of the team got the correct answer than they got full marks but the marks could also be divided up depending on how many of the team got the correct answer.

Sandroyd started slowly but soon learnt how to score tactically, particularly on some of the very demanding questions. Although the questions were very challenging, going well beyond the key stage 2 programme of study, it turned into a great fight between the various teams.

Sandroyd did very well to come 4th, only being pipped to 3rd by 60 points. The pupils had a great deal of fun but also learnt a lot, as did I! We are now in training for next year.