Sandroyd School take part in the annual ‘Gathering of Goblins’ at Goodwood

It has taken just short of a year to complete, but on 10th July, a team of enthusiastic engineers from Sandroyd School took part in the annual ‘Gathering of Goblins’ at Goodwood, organised by Greenpower and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.  The team, consisting of 8 year 5 to year 8 students, took their car, The Temple Tornado, to the race track and competed against 97 other goblin cars, coming from all over the country. The Sandroyd car had been made in the Design Technology workshop at school, overseen by Mrs Innes and Mr Jennings. After building the basic aluminium chassis, the team had to fit the engine, assemble the braking system and secure the seat in place. It was only when all the electrics had been completed that the team could start designing the body. After much discussion, the team decided on making a purple acrylic body that was made from separate pieces and attached to the frame using 3D printed clips and cable ties. In addition, the body was adorned in the team’s sponsorship logos including Dyson, KYC360 and Vita Europe Ltd. 

Race day was fast paced and the team took part in a variety of events including a relay with the other teams, a lap of champions (once around the Goodwood track), a slalom and a drag race. Working together as a team, everyone was able to get involved in the day by driving the car, pushing at the start line, changing tyres and filming the day as it happened. We didn’t win any races, but taking part was all that counted on the day and the team’s car drove like a dream all day long! 

Overall the competition was a great success and the team’s commitment to the build was excellent; due to their enthusiasm and dedication to the project, we have all learned so much and we look forward to next years Goblin Challenge. I would highly recommend the project to any prep and primary school wanting to expand their Design Technology curriculum.