Sandroyd Great Books!

This is the second year we have published our Great Books collection. The booklet was born out of a list compiled by a great librarian friend of mine and is intended to be a guide to some of the best, and the most popular, books available for students in Years 5 to 8. The aim is to help students and parents choose reading material that is – whether new or old – challenging, rewarding or just plain fun. Those in the higher years may already have read many of the titles, but we hope everyone will find something to interest them.

We have not tried to steer the different year groups or genders towards particular books, but we have marked with an asterisk (*) those books that we think are less suitable for those below Year 8.

As there are limits on the number of books that can be included in this list, we have often chosen just one title by a particular author. The librarian or your English teacher can always give you advice on other books by an author you have enjoyed.

As any book recommendations are subjective, there will be some books in this list you try but don’t enjoy. We hope there will be many you love. If you think we have missed out any great books that should be in the list, please let Mrs Mitchell or Miss Adkin know. Perhaps you’ll see them on the list next year!

We are a small school library and so, whilst the majority of the books on this list are available in the school library, if you cannot find a particular title, just ask! You can also have a look at which is a great literary platform, full of reviews and recommendations. There’s no excuse not to be reading! Please click on the link below to download the Sandroyd Great Books 2017 – 2018.

Sandroyd Great Books 2017 – 18

Miss Adkin
Head of English