Dance at Sandroyd continues to go from strength to strength.

We have, for the last three years, had TLW Dance Academy TLW Dance Shaftesbury Academy as our dance and ballet co-ordinators. In 2014 we produced a fabulous dance show, all the girls took part either dancing, doing ballet or both and we are currently rehearsing for our next show in the Summer.

The Year 3 and Year 4 girls do ballet as a compulsory activity, it helps with co-ordination and focus; and it’s really good fun! They pirouette around the theatre with a huge smiles on their faces. Once the girls have mastered their Grade 1 ballet and from Year 5 onwards, they have the option to discontinue ballet. Most girls tend to continue and start to work towards their Grade 2.

Exams are not compulsory (it’s supposed to be fun after all!) but either way, the girls all work very hard. As we move further up the school the girls will work towards the higher grades in ballet. We currently have girls doing Grade 1 up to Grade 7. On most days girls can be seen rushing to get to ballet lessons, carrying their ballet bags, with an air of excitement.

In addition to ballet, girls also add dance to the list of their many talents. We have junior and senior dance classes which are very popular with all the girls. We don’t do exams for dance but, rest assured, it’s of a very high standard!