Physical Education at Sandroyd

At Sandroyd we aim to inspire each child to strive for excellence in all aspects of school life; academic, cultural and sporting.

The Physical Education (PE) department is an integral part of the whole education that a child receives at Sandroyd.

Our staff are concerned not only with those traditional aspects that one associates with the subject but also with other important aspects of life. With greater pressures on young people today, PE is able to promote a healthy lifestyle that incorporates the traditional physical benefits but also puts in place key skills that encourages interpersonal skills.
The Sandroyd PE Department aim to give each child the opportunity to develop themselves through appropriate yet challenging lessons and progressions. In the healthy and competitive atmosphere of a boarding school those with ability in this subject are often held in high esteem by their peers. While encouraging and applauding this success we are mindful to offer a full and varied programme to all children and not to lose sight of every pupil’s progress and aspirations.

Our PE programme is intentionally varied, but it is aimed to allow continuity and progression through each module and year at Sandroyd and beyond into their senior schools. Alongside our PE programme is our swimming programme that works in tandem with the PE programme. Swimming is seen not only in a sporting capacity but also a valuable life skill.