Sandroyd offers a wide range of opportunities throughout the School, encouraging all children to make and enjoy music, whatever their ability.

Weekly class music lessons with the Director of Music begin in the Nursery and run through to Year 8. The aim is to develop a broad range of musical and life skills through enjoyment and participation in a wide variety of musical activities.

Outside the classroom, there are a wide variety of ensembles and clubs which children can join to enhance these skills and enjoy music making with boys and girls from different year groups. To supplement this, all children can choose to have individual lessons in an instrument or singing from one of the school’s highly qualified and experienced instrumental teachers.

Children can work towards performing in regular Informal Concerts, end of term formal Concerts, music competitions, exams and events and performances outside the school, as well as just enjoying their music making more informally with friends in free time.


At Sandroyd we aim to give every child the opportunity to learn an instrument or singing at some stage during their time here.  Aside from learning about instruments in class music, we are keen to encourage children to try out different instruments in order to find the one that suits them best.  Because every child is an individual and therefore develops at a different rate, we have decided to offer this Free Term Trial not just in Year 4, as before, but in any Year from Year 2 to Year 8.

As piano, singing, drumming and guitar are already very popular and well known instruments, the free term trial will not be available for these.  However, we can offer trial lessons on a paid basis on these instruments for a term, without penalty if they do not continue after this period, to see if it suits the child before committing to regular termly paid lessons.  This does depend on the teacher in question having space in their pupil list for this, though.

So, to summarise:

  • Each child is entitled to one term’s free lessons to trial one of the following instruments:

Violin, cello, mini double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, alto sax, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, bagpipes

  • Lessons will take place on a weekly rotational timetable.
  • The term’s notice usually required to stop lessons does not apply to pupils whilst on this trial scheme.
  • Whilst there will be no charge for lessons during the trial, any instrument hire will be recharged at cost on the end of term bill.
  • Instruments hired from the school MUST be covered for all risks on the parents’ own insurance during term-time and holidays for the duration of use and any loss or damage will be recharged to parents during the trial period.