Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Y8 Rebellions:
James I + the Gunpowder Plot
Peasants Revolt
Pilgrimage of Grace
The Anglo Zulu war
The Battles of Isandhlwana and Rorke’s Drift
Revision of work from years 6 to 8.
History presentation: Personal study of a person from history
Y7 Medieval Monarchs:
Henry III and parliament
Edward I Wales and Scotland
William Wallace
Medieval Monarchs:
Edward II
Robert the Bruce
Edward III
The Black Death
The Hundred Years War
Henry V
Y6 A year in the life of a country : 1066.
Succession crisis, Stamford Bridge, Hastings,
The Norman aftermath.
Church vs State.
History Mysteries:
The death of William Rufus.
The White Ship Disaster
The Life and times of Thomas A Becket.
Religion and War:
Richard I
The Crusades. Hero or Villain?
King John
Y5 The Tudors:
What was it like living in Tudor times? Why did Henry VIII marry six times? Who were the 4 Thomases?
The Tudors:
How and why did exploration change the world? What was life like on a Tudor Ship?
Local study:
The History of Sandroyd and Rushmore
What is History?
Y4 Ancient Egyptians.
How can we find out about the Egyptians from what has survived?
Ancient Greeks:
Who were the ancient Greeks
Ancient Romans:
How did they live?
What were the differences between them and the Greeks
Y3 Settlers:
Why did the Romans come to Britain?
Why did the Anglo-Saxons come?
Why did the Vikings come?
Y2 Gun Powder Plot
Remembrance Day
Christmas from the Past
Intrepid Explorers and famous People from the past including:
Nightingale, Columbus, Armstrong
Communication – then and now
The Great Fire of London
Y1 Houses through
the ages –
Famous Queens
Intrepid Explorers and famous People from the past including:
Brunel, Cook, Braille, Wright Brothers
Seaside holidays from the past
Local Historic Places including School buildings, Temple, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral