Planet Earth is our home. It is the only one we have.

It is unique, amazing and fascinating. From the frozen extremes of the poles, the searing dryness of the deserts, and the steamy heat of the equatorial regions – our playground is incredibly diverse. Of all the species to have inhabited a place, none have had as big an impact as humans. And the impact is deep and ongoing. It is little wonder that students find this subject so appealing!

The Geography department at Sandroyd seeks to instil in our learners a love and appreciation for the world around us. We seek to create empathetic, informed and compassionate young men and women who will become worthy stewards in the future. We aim to make the subject come alive through a multi-sensory and dynamic approach to lessons. We provide a balance between the physical and human aspects of the subject, and keep abreast of current affairs – all whilst following the Common Entrance syllabus.

By making use of the school’s exceptional natural surroundings, we take the children out of doors wherever possible. This could be in lessons to illustrate rivers, waterfalls and meanders in the sand pit; co-ordinates in the sports hall; microclimate investigations in the forest; or a bio-diversity study in the wider Estate. We also make use of the plethora of superb Geographical sites nearby in more formal, whole-day field-trips.

Examples of these include a study of coastal features at the UNESCO World Heritage-protected, Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast. We are also fortunate enough to visit successful local industries at Brothers Cider Factory in Shepton Mallet, and Codford Biogas, in Wiltshire. These opportunities provide learners a chance to see first-hand the very things they have been learning about.

By using ICT in lessons – including the new raft of one-to-one devices – the lessons remain both current and digitally sound. Of course, there is still place for good old-fashioned Ordnance Survey map work, and (the favourite of many children) global location.

The teachers in the department are a brave and enthusiastic bunch. With years of experience of living in foreign countries, travelling extensively and learning new cultures and beliefs, the department are well placed to inspire the next generation of eager travellers.

We were very proud of our CE results in 2015. Over 45% of our candidates scored an A grade or higher at their various senior schools.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Geography Room and making Geography the firm favourite it always seems to be.