English is at the heart of the curriculum; it is the means through which all learning takes place.

At Sandroyd, we commit to providing our students with a stimulating programme, embracing all aspects of written and spoken language. Students are encouraged to give voice to their opinions in a secure and nurturing environment, building and strengthening key communicative skills imperative in today’s literate society.

Through a structured framework, ensuring effective balance and variety, our students will journey through a range of literary genres, enriching students’ cultural capital and fostering their imaginative, deductive and analytical skills. Lessons are structured to ensure maximum potential for learning, interleaving threshold concepts in English (grammar, awareness of the effect of language, context, structure and evidence), to allow students the best possible opportunity to progress and, where possible, do so through engagement and enjoyment of the subject.

The English Department across the school, from The Walled Garden up to Year 8, works closely together to ensure continuity and flow between sections, taking heed of National Literacy Strategy requirements, whilst utilising varied methods of teaching, resources and a close relationship with both the LSU and EAL Departments, allowing individualised focus on students of all abilities.

The syllabus in Years 6 to 8 builds towards 13+ ISEB Common Entrance examinations; loosely so in Years 6 and 7 to allow students to benefit from a broad and varied curriculum. We aim to provide students with a solid base on which they can continue to grow their repertoire, making meaningful and sustained progress in order to fulfil their potential.

Book Week and Author Visits

Author visits are arranged during Book Week, alongside the Travelling Book Fair, and provide the students at Sandroyd, from the Walled Garden up to Year 8, with the chance to meet popular authors, ask questions and hear all about their writing (and illustrating) process. It is a hugely enjoyable occasion for all, with visits in the past from authors such as Lou Kuenzler, Piers Torday and Paul Geraghty.

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