English as an Additional Language

Over the years Sandroyd has welcomed overseas pupils from Spain, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and Thailand.

Pupils usually come for a year in order to improve their English, and in addition there are usually some pupils who stay in order to complete their education in the UK.

The school is aware that these children can not only be great geographical distances from their homes but can also face social and cultural differences on arrival.  The aim is to equip these children with the support and linguistic tools they require from the outset to make this transition as enjoyable as possible.  Pastoral staff are particularly sensitive to the special needs of overseas pupils when settling in and studying at Sandroyd.

Initially, pupils are assessed to ensure the standard of their English is sufficiently high to benefit from the normal curriculum.  Where appropriate pupils are offered EAL lessons in place of mainstream subjects with a specialist teacher.  Most pupils will receive two EAL lessons per week but for strong candidates only one will be deemed necessary. Equally, when additional support is required, some pupils will have three EAL lessons per week.

Lessons are tailored to the individual pupil’s needs and support the school curriculum.  Sessions are based around the core skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  Each term the aim is to continue to build  each pupil’s vocabulary and strengthen their grammatical foundations.  In addition to celebrating their own, students are encouraged to learn about British culture and traditions and EAL lessons sometimes focus on these.  

Each individual’s progress is closely monitored.  Any Issues of concern are discussed with other members of the teaching staff and areas of study are adapted accordingly.  Equally, core subject teachers are given guidance and support on how to best support EAL students in the classroom.

Where appropriate, pupils are offered the opportunity to work towards attaining Cambridge English Certificates such as the Preliminary Certificate (PET) and the First Certificate (FCE).  An exam preparatory course will be followed in these cases.