Digital Learning

Digital Learning at Sandroyd serves three major aims.

  1. Enable each pupil to develop digital skills appropriate to their age and ability and that are effective in the supporting and augmenting their execution of (and progress in) their other subjects within the school curriculum.
  2. Equip each pupil with more than sufficient technical understanding, exposure and experience to prepare them for the range of expectations they will meet in senior schools.
  3. Instill in each pupil a curious, exploratory and adaptable approach to technology that will prepare them to meet the currently unknown technical demands of their professional lives post education.

To those ends, Digital Learning lessons try to encourage 6 “C’s”;

Curiosity Creativity / Contribution / Conversation / Collaboration / Constructive / Criticism

By creating an atmosphere where each pupil can enjoy the subject and…


  • able to take risks and explore the relevant applications and functions as fully as possible
  • that the learning experience is more important than a polished finished project
  • that skills learnt are relevant in other subjects
  • in control of their work and empowered to work independently
  • valued and that their input is valid

And is encouraged to take the opportunity:

  • to selflearn

and support each other in their learning, exploring various methods of finding

support (Help functions, internet etc) before asking others

  • to push the limits of their digital comfort zones
  • to develop and explore constructive personal projects
  • to reflect on and positively critique their own, and each others, work.

Furthermore, It is recognised that the department has a crucial role in supporting and developing the technical skills of the staff body as a whole and the pedagogical adoption of technology across the curriculum.