Prep School

Sandroyd is very much a forward looking prep school, well-placed to respond to the ever-changing demands and expectations of new generations of parents and children, built on a heritage of achieving excellence.

We are proud of our record of academic success at both Scholarship and Common Entrance level. The Honours Boards tell a consistent tale of excellence in examinations to all leading Public Schools. We recognise too that not all students will learn at the same rate and for those who need extra help with their studies there is a dedicated Learning Support Unit. Here the specialist teachers reinforce class work, teach learning skills as well as offering advice and encouragement on a one-to-one basis.

Sandroyd is about much more than academic success, however. Given our extensive grounds and superb facilities there are countless opportunities for all the pupils to enjoy and develop their favourite sports and to try out new hobbies and activities.

In addition to the usual team games for boys and girls there is sailing, judo, golf, riding, archery, fencing, gardening, Natural History and much more besides. The weekends can be an especially busy time for our large number of boarders with expeditions and outings organised by the many staff who live on site. There is literally something to appeal to everyone… not forgetting the Saturday visit to the tuck shop, of course!

Any school thrives on everyone living together in harmony and working towards shared goals. Yet the hopes and aspirations of the individual are never allowed to take second place. Pastoral care is one of Sandroyd’s great strengths. Each child has a personal Tutor who is responsible for monitoring academic progress, seeing that out-of-class hours are spent profitably and productively and generally being a first port of call when life doesn’t always go according to plan.

The academic side of the timetable is balanced by more practical demands in the form of Art and Design and Technology. The specialist rooms for both of these disciplines are in almost constant use both during and out of class time and a significant number of pupils have submitted portfolios of their work to Senior schools. A fully equipped computer room keeps everyone up to date with the latest advances in technology and each individual has a personal e-mail address for private use.

It is our aim at Sandroyd that days spent here should be exciting, stimulating, rewarding and fun. We offer all our children peaks that can just be climbed with higher ones for tomorrow. Wherever their talents lie we strive to develop them to the full and thus help them to make their way into the competitive world with confidence.

We invite all prospective parents and pupils to the School to experience first-hand the energy, vitality and sense of purpose which is the very essence of Sandroyd.